Prayers at Maple Tree Medows

Prayers at Maple Tree Medows
Three Rivers, MI

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I returned to two of the barns on Bair Lane, Marcellus, MI, that had been mostly empty in the winter months. Now, harvest!


We hold harvest. Simple.
No point being empty, just holding
the air between heaven and earth. No,
this is the meeting place of soil and soul,
human animal and vegetable. Hay and onions
and strands of garlic
have soaked in sun, rain, and now
lay drying, dying
for long keeping.

Bair Lane Farms -- Original Barn -- Winter


Bair Lane Hay Barn -- Winter


The CSA* Boxes that spun
cobwebs in winter are packed
to share the weekly delivery of
color, earthy
potatoes, yellow
onions, orange
carrots, green
beans, rose
radishes, mauve
eggplant, jade
broccoli, crimson
peppers, golden sun
flowers. And Farmers, all
hands and ears, smiles, share
the sweat turned sweet in corn
and sungold
cherry tomatoes.

White Yarrow Farm -- Winter to Summer

We barns
hold harvest. Simple. Each in our own way.
Waiting to share sooner
or later. No point being
empty when earth, turned, sown, tended, watered,
made more than enough for summer’s harvest

*CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

White Yarrow Farm supplies a weekly harvest box of vegetables and flowers
to the folks who have purchased a share in their farm.
The boxes are packed and taken to a central pick-up site.
Some folks work on the farm, packing boxes, for example,
as a barter for their share of the harvest.

White Yarrow and Bair Lane Farms also sell produce and flowers
at local farm markets --
Goshen Farmers' Market and Texas Corners.

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